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Chapter 26: Ta-Da!? Tachikawa Mimi’s Adventure in Another Reality?!

It is the year 2003, a few months after BelialVamdemon’s defeat.
Japanese Chosen Child Tachikawa Mimi and her American boyfriend, Michael Barton were walking in the streets of New York.

“The breeze is nice~!” Mimi hollered.

“I agreed.” Michael said.

Mimi and Michael walked through New York, looking at numerous sights.

Then, they came at Ground Zero, the building that brought upon 9-11, an event that happened two years ago.

“Ground Zero…” Mimi said.

“And on the eve of 9-11’s second anniversary too…” Michael said.

“Yeah…All those innocent lives taken away because of it…” Mimi said, looking sad.

Then, Michael put his hand on Mimi’s shoulder.

“It was also because of the event that we had met, Mimi-san.” Michael said.

Mimi nodded her head.

“You’re right, Michael-kun.” Mimi said.

Mimi and Michael continued walking.

Mimi looked upon the sky.

“I missed Sora-san and all my friends back in Japan.” Mimi thought.

Michael began to notice Mimi’s expression.

Meanwhile, Mimi’s parents, Kesuke and Satoe were having coffee with Michael’s father, Michael Senior.

“So, Barton-san, what’s on your mind?” Mr. Tachikawa asked.

“Nothing really. Just the relationship between my son and your daughter.” Mr. Barton replied.

Kesuke and Satoe became a bit quiet when hearing Michael’s name.

“Michael-kun…” Satoe said.

“He does treat our Mimi-chan very nicely…” Kesuke said.

“I think that they should stop seeing one another.” Mr. Barton explained.

“But…” Satoe said.

“That would make Mimi-chan sad if she couldn’t see Michael-kun again.” Satoe explained.

“You’re right, dear.” Kesuke said.

Mr. Barton stood up.

“You must do what is best for Mimi-chan.” Mr. Barton explained.

Mr. Barton then made his leave.

Everything became quiet.

“America can be really difficult.” Mr. Tachikawa explained.

“I agreed…” Mrs. Tachikawa said.

“I…I missed Japan.” Mrs. Tachikawa admitted.

Mr. Tachikawa agreed.

“But, dear. We promised to start a new life in America.” Mr. Tachikawa explained.

Mrs. Tachikawa nodded her head.

“I’m certain that Mimi-san misses Japan.” Mrs. Tachikawa explained.

“She hasn’t said it clearly. But, her expressions proved otherwise.” Mrs. Tachikawa explained.

“We haven’t fully thought about her happiness.” Mr. Tachikawa explained.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Michael were walking back to the Tachikawa residence.

Then, Mimi felt a sharp pain in head.

“Mimi-san? Are you alright?” Michael asked.

Mimi didn’t reply.

“I-I’m okay…” Mimi replied, silently.

Then, the pain became rather worse.

Mimi screamed in pain.

Then, Mimi felled onto Michael’s arms.

“Mimi-san!” Michael hollered.

“Oh no…” Michael thought.

Then, Michael then dialed his father.

“Dad! It’s me! Get Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa! Call an ambulance! Something has happened to Mimi-san!” Michael hollered.

Moments later, an ambulance came for Mimi.

Her parents were by her side.

“Mimi-chan…” Satoe said.

“Mimi-chan…” Kesuke said.

What hope seemed to be lost, Mimi awoken up.

“Huh? Where am I?” Mimi asked.

“Mama? Papa?” Mimi asked.

Mimi was lost.

For sure, she was not in America anymore.

Then, it hit her.

“Am I in Japan? I’m home?” Mimi asked.

Mimi was filling with glee.

“I’m home!” Mimi hollered.

Then, Mimi observed her outfit.

“My favorite America shirt!” Mimi hollered.

Then, Mimi came across a mirror.

Then, she noticed that her eyes changed drastically.

“My eyes have changed…” Mimi said.

“This is not my Japan…” Mimi explained.

Mimi became afraid nonetheless.

Mimi spotted some citizens.

“Excuse me…do you know which part of Japan that I am?” Mimi asked.

The citizens were confused as they left.

Mimi was still afraid.

“Where am I?!” Mimi asked, freaking out.

Mimi began to softly cry.

“Someone…help me…” Mimi said.

Then, Mimi spotted some individuals.

It was Akari, Nene, Mizuki, Airu, and Mami.

“Sora-san?” Mimi asked, noticing Akari.

“Sora-san!” Mimi hollered.

Mimi hugged Akari.

Akari was shocked.

“Sora-san? Who are you?” Akari asked.

Mimi was shocked.

“I’m sorry! It’s just that you remind me of an old friend of mine.” Mimi replied.

“Where did you come from?” Nene asked.

“Japan.” Mimi replied.

“But…this is Japan…” Airu said.

“Kyoto to be exact…” Mizuki said.

“You mean this is not Odaiba?!” Mimi asked, freaking out.

Mimi was out of luck.

“I think she had crashed her head…” Mami said.

Then, Tagiru and Gumdramon appeared.

“Tagiru?” Mami asked.

“Who’s that ditzy chick?” Tagiru asked.

“Daisuke-kun!” Mimi hollered, hugging Tagiru.

Tagiru blinked his eyes.

“D-Daisuke-kun?” Tagiru asked.

“Your hair has gotten longer. Daisuke-kun! And nice touch with Taichi-san’s goggles!” Mimi hollered.

Gumdramon snickered.

“Bad luck for you, Tagiru.” Gumdramon said.

“How are you, V-mon? Your skin color changed!” Mimi hollered.

Gumdramon’s mouth dropped.

“V-mon?” Gumdramon asked.

Tagiru laughed to his delight.

“Let’s take her with us.” Nene said.

Later on, the gang took their new friend back with them at the park.

“So…I’m in a reality that my Japan does not exist?” Mimi asked.

“It’s kind of hard to believe, but yes.” Yuu replied.

“Mind-blowing…by that, I also went forward in time.” Mimi said.

“Will I get back to my reality?” Mimi asked.

“Maybe…” Yuu replied.

“I see…” Mimi said.

“You’ll be back in no time…” Tailmon explained.

“Thank you, Tailmon.” Mimi said.

Tailmon blinked her eyes.

“Y-you know me?” Tailmon asked.

Mimi smiled.

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re Hikari-chan’s partner.” Mimi replied.

“Hikari?” Tailmon asked.

Mimi became rather sad.

“I missed my folks.” Mimi said.

Akari chimed in a bit.

“I know what you’re going through, Mimi-san. I missed a very special person in my life…”
Akari explained.

“Is it a boy?” Mimi asked.

Akari’s eyes widened.

“Of course it’s a boy!” Akari replied.

Mimi snickered.

Then, Mimi consulted Akari.

“I’m sure you and that special person will be reunited soon, Akari-chan.” Mimi explained.

“I hope so…” Akari said.

Akari’s eyes brightened.

“Let’s take a selfie!” Akari hollered.

“Selfie?” Mimi asked.

“It’s a new millennium type of thing.” Akari replied.

Akari grabbed her smartphone.

Nene, Lunamon and Cutemon jumped in on Akari’s shoulders.

“Everybody say happy!” Akari hollered.

“Happy!” Mimi, Nene, Cutemon and Lunamon hollered in unison.

The smartphone clicked. Akari showed Mimi the picture.
Mimi was in awe.

“Whoever created the term ‘selfie’, thanks a bunch!” Mimi hollered.

Then, a swarm of Mushmon appeared.

“Digimon!” Mimi hollered.

“Let’s go!” Akari hollered.

The team headed to the scene.

“We’ll be back, Mimi-san!” Akari hollered.

Mimi became rather sad.

“I really want to help them…” Mimi said.

“Mimi…” A voice said.

Mimi blinked her eyes.

“Palmon?” Mimi asked.

Palmon appeared in front of Mimi.

“Let’s grant your wish.” Palmon said.

Mimi was filled with tears.

“Yeah!” Mimi hollered.

Akari and the gang were having some difficulties with the Mushmon.

“There’s no end to them!” Kouta hollered.

“What can we do?” DORUmon asked.

Akari bit her lip.

“Flower Cannon!” Lilimon hollered.

Lilimon attacked the Mushmon forces at will.

Mimi appeared with her partner.

“Mimi-san!” Akari hollered.

Mimi gave a thumbs-up.

Lilimon degenerated back to Palmon.

Afterwards, Palmon began to fade.

“Palmon!” Mimi hollered.

“Mimi. We’ll meet again. For sure.” Palmon said.

Mimi was filled with tears.

“For sure!” Mimi hollered.

Palmon disappeared.

“Now, let’s figure a way to get your home, Mimi-san.” Yuu said.

Afterwards, Mimi became rather so bored.

“So bored!” Mimi hollered.

“Hold on just a second, Mimi-san. There are a few bugs to fix out.” Yuu explained.

“You know, you remind me a lot like my friend, Koushiro-kun.” Mimi explained.

Yuu blushed a bit.

“All the talk with big words and whatnot.” Mimi continued.

Yuu then became rather annoyed.

The kids began to laugh.

“Just sit tight, okay?” Yuu asked.

Then, Mimi felt a sharp pain in her head.

“M-my head…” Mimi said, in a calm manner.

“Mimi-san?” Akari asked.

“Akari-chan, I had fun…I hope we can meet again along with your special friend…” Mimi

Mimi felled to the ground.

“And done!” Yuu hollered.

Mimi became transparent as she vanished.

“It was nice meeting you too, Mimi-san. Thank you for brightened my hopes up.” Akari said.

Mimi then opened her eyes. She was back in her own reality and timeline.

“I-I’m back.” Mimi said.

“Mimi-chan!” Kesuke and Satoe hollered in unison.

“Are you alright?” Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa asked in unison.

Mimi nodded her head.

“I spent literally 20 minutes in another reality…” Mimi said.

Mimi’s parents were confused.

Mimi hugged her parents.

“Mama, Papa. I want to see my old friends again back in Odaiba.” Mimi explained.

“Of course.” Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa said in unison.

Mimi blinked her eyes.

“R-really?” Mimi asked.

“We were thinking the same thing too.” Satoe explained.

“We leave tomorrow.” Kesuke explained.

Mimi let out a smile on her face. But, she thought about Michael.

The next day, the Tachikawas were at the airport, waiting to board for Japan.

“It’s going to be hard, after saying our goodbyes to the friends that we made…” Kesuke explained.

Mimi nodded in agreement.

Mimi was sad regardless.

“Mimi-san!” Michael hollered.

Mimi and her folks saw Michael and his father.

“Michael-kun?” Mimi asked.

Michael approached Mimi.

“Mimi-san, I know you want to go…but…” Michael explained.

“Yes?” Mimi asked.

“Promise that we’ll meet again?” Michael asked.

Mimi was happy at the least.

“Mama? Papa?” Mimi asked.

“Of course, Mimi-chan.” Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa replied in unison.

“Last call for Japan. Last call for Japan.” The intercom said.

Mimi and Michael smiled at each other.

Mimi and Michael hugged and kissed each other for the very last time.

The Tachikawas went on the plane.

Mimi waved to Michael.

Michael waved back.

The plane then took off.

Mimi grinned.

“Watch out, Japan! Tachikawa Mimi is coming home!” Mimi hollered.
Digimon Xros Wars Story II Chapter 26
Here is the twenty-sixth chapter to Digimon Xros Wars Story II. Mimi Tachikawa of Digimon Adventure enters in an alternative Japan by mistake. Hope you enjoyed it.

Digimon Xros Wars(C): Bandai, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, Akiyoshi Hongo, Yuki Nakashima.
Story(C): Me.
Due to my brother messing with the desktop computer and I have to wait for my laptop to get fixed, Chapter 26 of Digimon Xros Wars Story II will be on hold until further notice. 
The twenty-sixth chapter will be out next Friday. Hopefully.
The twenty-sixth chapter will be out next Friday. Hopefully.
Chapter 25: Trials of Trials! The So-Called Relationship!

In DigiNeo, things have become rather slow in some way. Both Taiki and Shoutmon are really urging to see Akari and Lunamon again.

But, they seemed to realize that they can’t make it an instant reality.

First, things must be done here before they can do that.

“Even though we have been doing this every day since the tournament, I’ve been longing for our return to our friends…” Shoutmon said.

“Yeah…” Taiki said.

Taiki was still thinking about Akari.

“Akari…” Taiki thought.

Apollomon and Olegmon noticed Taiki’s expression as they were worried.

Shoutmon wanted to get his friend’s spirit back running.

“Hey, Taiki…” Shoutmon said.

“I’ve been looking for you, Master!” A voice chirped.

Taiki and Shoutmon then saw someone from a far distance.

It was Shermy and Sekimon, somehow revived.

“I-it’s him. From the tournament.” Taiki thought.

“Master.” Shermy said.

“Master?” Taiki asked.

“You mean you don’t remember me, Master?” Shermy asked.

“Remembered you?” Taiki asked.

Taiki pondered for a moment.

“Nope!” Taiki replied, smiling.

Shermy was bewildered.

“You must remember me!” Shermy hollered.

Taiki was confused.

“Two years ago…I was your apprentice.” Shermy explained.

“Apprentice?” Taiki asked.

Shermy nodded his head.

“Sorry, but I don’t actually recall of us meeting two years ago. On a side note, I don’t
I could think of that…” Taiki explained.

“I see…” Shermy said.

“Hey, Shoutmon, do you remembered that Digimon?” Taiki asked.

“Nope. My head is just like yours, Taiki.” Shoutmon replied.

“But, it’s me, senpai!” Sekimon hollered.

“And quit calling me that!” Shoutmon hollered.

“We really need to get back to training…” Taiki said.

“Then…Battle me!” Shermy hollered.

Taiki was puzzled.

“Please!” Shermy hollered, bowing down.

“Alright then.” Taiki said.

“What?!” Shoutmon asked, in a shockingly manner.

“You won’t mind, right, Apollomon?” Taiki asked.

Apollomon shake his head.

“Of course not.” Apollomon replied.

“We’ll battle in that square.” Taiki explained.

“Sweet!” Shermy hollered.

“Taiki, I’m not sure about this…” Shoutmon said.

“Don’t worry. We’ll go easy on them.” Taiki explained.

Shoutmon nodded his head.

Taiki and Shoutmon along with Shermy and Sekimon were now at the battle square.

“And…Begin!” Olegmon hollered.

Shoutmon grabbed hold of his microphone. Sekimon created a vision sword from his hands.

The two of them battle right away.

Sekimon unleashed some very powerful daggers at Shoutmon. Shoutmon dodged them.

“Nice, Shoutmon!” Taiki hollered.

Shermy was rather impressed by Taiki and Shoutmon’s skill.

“Incredible…” Shermy thought.

“Sekimon! You know what to do!” Shermy hollered.

“I know, Shermy!” Sekismon hollered.

Sekimon leaped into the air to kicked Shoutmon.

However, Shoutmon immediately blocked it.

“I’m not stupid to think THAT would on me…” Shoutmon explained.

“Soul Crusher!” Shoutmon shouted.

Shoutmon unleashed his powerful attack on Sekimon.

Sekimon felled to the ground.

Shermy ran to Sekimon’s side.

“Are you alright, Sekimon?” Shermy asked.

“Yeah. He’s really strong for being the King of the Digital World.” Sekimon replied.

“And his partner is very strong too…” Shermy explained.

Taiki and Shoutmon walked up to Shermy and Sekimon.

“Good match.” Taiki said, reaching his hand toward Shermy.

Shermy smiled.

“Yeah. Good match.” Shermy said.

Shermy then grabbed hold of Taiki’s hand.

Shoutmon did the same thing with Sekimon.

“Maybe we can learn from each other? Would you like that?” Taiki asked.

Shermy nodded his head.

“I would like that.” Shermy replied.

Taiki smiled.

For the next few hours or so, Taiki and Shoutmon along with Shermy and Sekimon began to learn from each other and experience from one another.

Like true friends would at this point.

Later on, Shermy and Sekimon decided to part with the legendary duo.

“You’re really leaving?” Taiki asked.

Shermy nodded his head.

“I know it’s sudden, but, we want to find our place in the world. You know something that does not involved being in a tragic matter.” Shermy replied.

“I know that feeling.” Taiki said.

“Me too.” Shoutmon said.

“I hope we can meet again, Master.” Shermy said.

“Taiki is fine.” Taiki said.

“Alright. Taiki-san.” Shermy said.

“You can call me King Shoutmon or Digimon King whatever works for you.” Shoutmon said, speaking to Sekimon.

“Cool, King Shoutmon.” Sekimon said.

Therefore, the two humans and Digimon shook hands as they parted ways for now.

“I’m going to miss those guys.” Shoutmon said.

“Same here. Let’s do our best in returning to our girls at a heartbeat!” Taiki said.

“Right!” Shoutmon hollered.

Apollomon and Olegmon nodded their heads.

“Let’s get to work.” Olegmon said.

“Just wait a bit longer, Lunamon. I’ll be there soon enough.” Shoutmon thought.

“Akari. Don’t worry about a thing. I swear on my life that I will be back with you.” Taiki thought.

Meanwhile, back on the Human World, Akari and Lunamon were still waiting for Taiki and Shoutmon with sad looks on their faces.

For as long as it takes.
Digimon Xros Wars Story II Chapter 25

Hey everyone! Here is the twenty-fifth chapter of Digimon Xros Wars Story II! In DigiNeo, Taiki and Shoutmon get an unexpected visit from two mysterious beings, who claimed to be their tutelages. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for FEISAR-CSY for his character.

Digimon Xros Wars(C): Bandai, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, Akiyoshi Hongo, Yuki Nakashima.
Story(C): Me.…
Due to my brother messing with the desktop computer and I have to wait for my laptop to get fixed, Chapter 26 of Digimon Xros Wars Story II will be on hold until further notice. 


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