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I just want to say thanks again for the birthday wishes on Thursday, Really appreciated it. Also, Digimon Xros Wars Story II will be on a hiatus for six weeks in preparation for the second half.
Tomorrow is my 18th birthday, the day that I finally become an young adult. Now I can experience the wonders and tribulations of being one.
Chapter 23: Teacher and Student! The Tournament’s Closure!

The final match of the tournament starts to begin with a bang.

The Digimon immediately clashed at each other with everything they got.

Akari and Kouta were having a great time by the looks of their faces.

“DORUgamon, charge with your might!” Kouta hollered.

DORUgamon immediately charged as he began to attack.

“JagerDorulumon! Jumpmon! To your right!” Akari hollered.

JagerDorulumon and Jumpmon followed Akari’s command.

“I-incredible…” Kouta said.

“Akari is really the master.” DORUgamon explained.

“Kouta-kun, I must confessed, you really have gotten a lot stronger than before.” Akari explained.

“Y-you think so, Akari-san?” Kouta asked.

Akari nodded her head.

“But, I am way out of your ranks.” Akari smirked.

“Crescemon!” Akari hollered.

“Yes, Akari!” Crescemon hollered.

Crescemon attacked at DORUgamon, Dinorexmon and Tocanmon with all of her fury.

The trio landed on the ground.

DORUgamon was about to stand but felled.

“The student grew stronger under the shadow of his teacher. However, the teacher grew even more superior with her own wishes.” Akari explained.

“Akari-san, is that a metaphor?” Kouta asked.

“You bet it is.” Akari replied.

“I love it!” Kouta hollered.

Akari snapped her fingers to give command to Crescemon.

Crescemon immediately attack DORUgamon.

Kouta immediately smiled.

“I am not going to give up!” Kouta hollered.

“DORUgamon! It’s not over!” Kouta hollered.

“Power Metal!” DORUgamon shouted.

DORUgamon launched a heavy iron ball at Crescemon. However, JagerDorulumon intervened.

“Thank you, JagerDorulumon.” Crescemon said.

JagerDorulumon nodded his head.

“I want to keep my promise to Dolores-chan and the others who have fallen.” Akari explained.

“By doing so, I must defeat you, Kouta-kun!” Akari hollered.

Kouta gulped a bit.

Crescemon attacked some more.

Kouta on the other hand was frightened.

“Akari-kun is like a different person from just now.” Zenjirou explained.

“It’s like she’s set in a very determined view…” Mizuki explained.

“I don’t blame her for being this way. Akari-chan wants to keep her promise to the fallen artificial humans. She will do whatever it takes to win. I admired her more for that.” Nene explained.

Enormous power began to flow around Crescemon.

“Are you okay, Crescemon?” Akari asked.

“I don’t know…” Crescemon replied.

“I can feel this power swelling inside me.” Crescemon explained.

“That’s it! Crescemon has awaking her true power! Along with Akari-chan as a Legendary Heroine! This will be their limit!” The Old Clock Shop Man hollered.

“If you’re going to say something loud, don’t go through with it!” Tagiru hollered.

“Seriously!” Gumdramon hollered.

“Legendary Heroine? Me?”  Akari asked.

Akari and Crescemon nodded at each other.

“Let’s find out for real!” Akari hollered.

Akari swiped her Xros Overdrive as a light came out.

- Crescemon! Flash Shinka! – Akari hollered.

A bright light bestowed upon Crescemon.

- Crescemon! Flash Shinka! – Crescemon hollered.

Within moments, Crescemon immediately changed into a new form, full of majesty.

- Dianamon! – Dianamon hollered.

Dianamon stood clear.

Akari and the others were astounded.

“Incredible…” Kouta said.

“My very own Dianamon…” Akari said.

DORUgamon began to stand, with Kouta by his side.

“Akari-san, I don’t care what happens to us, I want you to win!” Kouta asked.

“But, Kouta-kun, you’ll be throwing away everything that you had worked for…” Akari said.

“It does not matter. You have to fulfill your promise, Akari-san.” Kouta explained.

Akari nodded her head.

“I understand.” Akari said.

“Dianamon! It’s your stage now!” Akari hollered.

Dianamon took out an arrow.

"Arrow of Artemis!" Dianamon shouted.

Dianamon launched the arrow at DORUgamon.

DORUgamon degenerated back to DORUmon.

“I’m sorry, Kouta.” DORUmon said.

“You did your best, DORUmon. I’m proud of that.” Kouta said.

“I had fun, Akari-san.” Kouta said.

“So did I, Kouta-kun.” Akari said.

Akari and Kouta shake each other’s hand.

“The tournament is finally over…” Kiriha said.

“So that means…” Kaoru said.

“Akari-san is the winner.” Hasari said.

Everyone began to clap for Akari and Dianamon.

“Way to go, champion Akari-shan!” Kotone hollered.

Kouta and DORUmon also clapped for the winning duo.

Akari began to blush a bit.

Taiki and Shoutmon were watching overseas.

“They have grown stronger.” Shoutmon explained.

“Yeah. I’m proud of you, Akari.” Taiki said.

Taiki and Shoutmon vanished.

The stadium went back to its normal state.

“I did it. I won.” Akari said.

Then, Akari realized that it was not the time for celebrate as it was time to settled the score with Ryutarbazei.

“It’s payback time.” Akari said.

“Go, Dianamon!” Akari hollered.

“Yes, Akari!” Dianamon hollered.

Dianamon charged towards Ryutarbazei.

“I want my wish! Where is Taiki?!” Akari asked, being angry.

Ryutarbazei became frightened.

“Answer me!” Akari shouted.

Akari was at her limits already.

“Alright, you asked for it.” Akari said.

“Destroy him, Dianamon!” Akari shouted.

Dianamon raised her fist at Ryutarbazei.

Akari gritted her teeth as she wanted her revenge badly.

Nene then stopped her best friend’s actions.

“Akari-chan. Revenge is never the best solution. You’ll get your chance someday. But, not like this.” Nene explained.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, Nene.” Akari said.

Nene smiled.

“Hold your fire, Dianamon.” Akari said.

“Yes, Akari.” Dianamon said.

Dianamon immediately followed Akari’s command.

Ryutarbazei could feel his heart beating.

“I won’t forget this.” Ryutarbazei said.

Ryutarbazei vanished.

The kids along with the Old Clock Shop Man met up with each other.

“Now that the travesty is behind us, we should head home in the meantime.” The Old Clock Shop Man explained.

“What do you say, champion?” The Old Clock Shop Man asked, turning to Akari.

Lunamon, Cutemon and Dorulumon along with Tailmon came to Akari’s side.

“Yeah. Let’s go home.” Akari replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be stronger enough to see you again, Taiki.” Akari thought.

Therefore, the humans departed the Digital World for now.

Elsewhere, Ryutarbazei retreated to his fortress.

Ryutarbazei was shaking.

Yuji and Shinji were watching him.

“Those damned kids. They will pay.” Ryutarbazei said.

“Looks like you finally showed up.” Dukemon said.

“You’re…Royal Knight Dukemon!” Ryutarbazei hollered.

“I, Dukemon, have a request from Omegamon. To annihilate you!” Dukemon said.

Dukemon charged at Ryutarbazei.

“Royal Saber!” Dukemon shouted.

Dukemon unleashed his ultimate attack on Ryutarbazei.

However, Ryutarbazei dodged it.

“What?!” Dukemon asked, in an angry manner.

Then, KingThunderdramon appeared.

“You…” Ryutarbazei said.

“Dukemon, if you don’t mind, I’ll handle this myself.” KingThunderdramon said.

“Alright. You have my blessing.” Dukemon said.

Dukemon began to walk away as he hid into a pillar in secret.

“What is he planning?” Dukemon thought.

“I have examine your results and I been realizing that you done a poorly job in wanting to eradicate the generals.” KingThunderdramon explained.

“Only someone far superior would be capable enough to take them down and destroyed the two worlds.” KingThunderdramon continued.

“What are you babbling about?” Ryutarbazei asked.

“Ryutarbazei…No…DarkKnightmon, this is endgame for you!” KingThunderdramon replied.

KingThunderdramon stroked through Ryutarbazei’s skin violently.

Ryutarbazei felled to the ground with a pile of blood coming in.

Ryutarbazei reverted back to his original form, DarkKnightmon.

“You bastard…” DarkKnightmon said.

“Likewise.” KingThunderdramon said.

DarkKnightmon then disappeared within the mist.

Dukemon was shocked.

“A madman! I must report this to Omegamon-sama!” Dukemon thought.

Dukemon vanished.

Shinji smirked.

“So long, you worthless piece of garbage.” Shinji said.

“For now on, I’ll taking over the operation.” KingThunderdramon said.

“Under my leadership, we will take over both the human and digital worlds.” KingThunderdramon explained.

“By unleashing the powerful god, Yggrdrasill!” KingThunderdramon hollered.

Therefore, a new war has already started.

Now, this is not child’s play anymore.
Digimon Xros Wars Story II Chapter 23
Here is the twenty-third chapter of Digimon Xros Wars Story II. It's an all out match between Akari and Kouta as only one of them will become the champion of the tournament. This chapter marks the end of the first arc, which was divided into two parts. Hope you enjoyed it.
Special thanks for the evolution line by

Digimon Xros Wars(C): Bandai, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, Akiyoshi Hongo, Yuki Nakashima.
Story(C): Me.
Previous: Digimon Xros Wars Story II Chapter 22
Due to last minute wrapping up, the chapter will come tomorrow for sure
As the title says, it will be coming on Thursday.
I just want to say thanks again for the birthday wishes on Thursday, Really appreciated it. Also, Digimon Xros Wars Story II will be on a hiatus for six weeks in preparation for the second half.


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